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International Conference on Singularity Theory 2019

Igor Burban, Stanislaw Janeczko , Gerhard Pfister, Xiangyu Zhou, Stephen Yau , Huaiqing Zuo

2019-12-09 ~ 2019-12-13

Recent Advances in Theories and Applications of Data Science

Yau Shu Wong (Alberta), Zhiqiang Xu (CAS), Martin Burger (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Chong Chen (CAS)

2019-12-02 ~ 2019-12-06

Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

薛金鑫,清华大学/ 章梅荣,清华大学/ 黄冠,清华大学

2019-11-25 ~ 2019-11-30

The Legacy of Joseph Fourier after 250 years December 17-21, 2018

Organizers: Shiu-Yuen Cheng, Lizhen Ji, Athanase Papadopoulos, Shing-Tung Yau,

2018-12-17 ~ 2018-12-21

Langlands functoriality, L-functions and Trace formula, Dec.17-21, 2018

Organizers:Tasho Kaletha、Bin Xu (徐斌) Dates: 17-21, December 2018

2018-12-17 ~ 2018-12-21
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Tsinghua AI Summit at Sanya

Tsinghua AI Summit at Sanya

Workshop on Analysis and PDE, June 3 to 7, 2019

Hamiltonian Methods and Algebraic Structures for Integrable Systems

International Conference on Graph Theory and Combinatorics

International Workshop on Kinetic Theory and Related Topics, June 25-29, 2018