Professor Shing-Tung Yau received University of Alberta’s Honorary Degree

2017-9-23 01:11:27 1930

Canada, June 13 –Professor Shing-Tung Yau, Director of Yau Mathematical Sciences Center of Tsinghua University and Professor of Harvard University, received an honorary doctor’s degree at University of Alberta’s Convocation Ceremony.


Douglas Stollery, Chancellor of University of Alberta, conferred the Honorary Degree, the university’s highest honor, on Professor Yau. The degree is honored for his profound contributions to science and for his enduing commitments to the cultivation of mathematical talents and students of all ages worldwide.


UAlberta's authority remarked that Professor Yau, dubbed “the Emperor of Math” by The New York Times, “has revealed the shape of space from the subatomic world of string theory to the astronomical dimensions of the known universe. He is perhaps most famous for solving a geometric conundrum known as the Calabi conjecture, an achievement that had a profound impact not only on geometry, but also on theoretical physics”.  


Back row from left to right: David Turpin (President and Vice-Chancellor), Glenn Stowkowy (Board Representative), Douglas Stollery (Chancellor)


In his following speech, Professor Yau shared with science grads that listening and patience are important variables in the success equation. He said, “Despite the fact that it may be difficult to solve a particular puzzle at the beginning, we need to focus and try all approaches. The tools that we develop while doing this may ultimately be as important, if not more important, than the solution to the problem itself.”