Algebraic Topology, Geometry and Combinatorics of Manifolds December 5 - 9, 2017

2017-10-11 11:25:37 1128

Synopsis and Organizers 

As one of most important objects in mathematics, ‘manifold’ has provided us more and more insights and benefits. In the past half century, more and more different areas in mathematics have been intersected and weaved together via manifolds, while many new ideas and theories have been produced and developed in the world of manifolds. This can just be seen from the appearances of toric varieties in algebraic geometry, toric geometry and toric topology. 
This conference is to bring together researchers from mainly China, Russia, Japan, Korea, USA, UK, Canada etc. in the areas of topology, geometry and toric topology etc. for the exchange ideas and the communication of latest developments in the study of algebraic topology, geometry and combinatorics of manifolds. It is be expected that the conference can not only benefit for the study of manifolds from various areas, but also push more and more cooperated researches among researchers from different countries.


Haibao DuanInstitute of Mathematics, CAS
Fuquan FangCapital Normal University, China
Zhi LüFudan University, China
Taras PanovMoscow State University, Russian