International Conference on Singularity Theory and Dynamical Systems--in Memory of John Mather December 11 - 15, 2017

2017-10-11 11:29:31 1181

Synopsis and Organizers

The aim of the symposium is to bring together specialists of various do- mains of singularity theory and mathematical foundation of complex systems representing very classical aspects of the Fields. We expect invited talks rep- resent various approaches to singularity theory problems based mainly on geometry and mathematical physics. The topics are related to algebraic and geometric aspects of singularity theory and its related areas such as Singularities of smooth maps and di↵erential forms, Subanalytic and semi- algebraic sets, Lipschitz stratifications, Real algebraic aspects of singulari- ties, Lagrangian and Legendrian singularities, Asymptotic behaviour around caustics and wavefronts, symplectic singularities, local and global invariants, Singular symplectic, contact and Poisson structures, Local Algebras of singu- larities, resolution algebras, Bifurcations of caustics and wavefronts, Singular reduction, Hamiltonian systems and their generalizations. Singularities in algebraic geometry, Free divisors, Torus actions, Topology of singularities, Singularities in positive characteristic. Di↵erential geometry of singularities, and a ne invariants of curves and surfaces.

We plan to address the mathematical foundations of Complex Systems, the evolving of the behavior of the system based on the behavior of the indi- vidual elements, their Multi-hierarchy characterization and their structures with the interplay with the singularity theory methods.

We will plan to use the conference to provide a good exchange platform on exciting new results on singularities and their applications and promote further the development of interactions of mathematical ideas and also some new branches of practical sciences.


Stephen YauTsinghua University, China
Stanislaw JaneczkoBanach International Center, Poland
Mina TeicherBar-Ilan University, Israel
Rong DuEast China Normal University
Huaiqing ZuoTsinghua University, China
Yun GaoShanghai Jiaotong University, China