Multiscale Problems in Materials Science and Biology: Analysis and Computation

2018-1-12 11:56:21 1155

Materials science and biology provide a rich source of problems in various fields of mathematics. Substantial progress has been made for static problems under the framework of calculus of variation and nonlinear PDEs, while dynamic/evolution problems such as pattern formation still pose a great challenge. Furthermore, understanding novel materials such as active matters, biomimetic materials and low dimensional materials, and complex non- equilibrium phenomena such as cell motility and self-organization, requires the development of new mathematical and numerical tools.

The field of materials science and biology has been and continues to be revolutionized by the availability of experiments and theoretical advances in multi-scale methods based on advanced mathematical methods. Greater interdisciplinary participation of mathematicians, computational scientists and experimental scientists are needed to address fundamental questions related to the development of simulations and design, to improve the efficiency and reliability and to enhance the predictive power of computation.

The expected outcome of the workshop is:

1. The broad range of topics presented at the conference by the world leading experts will provide an overview of the current state of the art in the field. 

2. Facilitation of interactions between young and senior researchers working in the exciting and rapidly developing field of multiscale mathematics as well as offer the opportunity of in-depth, high-level interactions across traditional disciplinary boundaries. 

3. Stimulate new research, promote sustained cross-disciplinary discussions and help incubate collaborative projects, especially for researchers in China.


Leonid BerlyandPennsylvania State University, USA
Tom HouCalifornia Institute of Technology, USA
Yuan LuOhio State University, USA
Lei ZhangShanghai Jiao Tong University, China