Master Lectures--the Legacy of Carl Friedrich Gauss December 18 - 22, 2017

2017-12-18 ~ 2017-12-22 669

Synopsis and Organizers 

Carl Friedrich Gauss is one of the greatest mathematicians in history, and his work has profoundly influenced all subjects of mathematics, especially in number theory, analysis, differential geometry and topology, probability and statistics, and astronomy  and math physics. He is a mathematician in its fullest sense.

To put Gauss's work in a proper perspective and understand better its impact, we are organizing a conference titled "The legacy of Carl Friedrich Gauss".  We hope that this conference will contribute to the unity of mathematics.


Name University
Shing-Tung Yau (Chair) Harvard University
Shiu-Yuen Cheng Tsinghua University
Yat-Sun Poon University of California, Riverside
Li-Zhen Ji University of Michigan
Jie Xiao Tsinghua University 


Gerard Besson Fourier Institute - Grenoble, France
Huaidong Cao Lehigh University, USA
Huayi Chen Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France
Jiecheng Chen Zhejiang Normal University, China
William Duke University Of California Los Angeles, USA
Fuquan Fang Capital Normal University, China
Gabi Farkas University of Berlin, Germany
Maksym Fedorchuk Boston University, USA
Xianghong Gong University of Wisconsin, USA
Bo Guan Ohio State University, USA
Shinobu Hosono Gakushuin University, Japan
Jiaxin Hu Tsinghua University, China
Naoki Imai University of Tokyo, Japan
Zhongxiao Jia Tsinghua University, China
Huaiyu Jian Tsinghua University, China
Haizhong Li Tsinghua University, China
Zenghu Li Beijing Normal University, China
Xiaohuan Mo Peking University, China
Yoshinori Namikawa University of Kyoto, Japan
George Pappas Michigan State University, USA
Rita Pardini University of Pisa, Italy
Lianfen Qian Florida Atlantic University, USA
Takeshi Saito University of Tokyo, Japan
Takuya Sakasai University of Tokyo, Japan
Xiaotao Sun Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yuichiro Taguchi Kyushu University, Japan
Shengli Tan East China Normal University, China
Kazushi Ueda University of Tokyo, Japan
Alessandro Verra University of Rome, Italy
Angelo Vistoli University of Pisa, Italy
Fengyu Wang Beijing Normal University, China
Yuefei Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sijue Wu University of Michigan, USA
Hongwei Xu Zhejiang University, China
Takao Yamaguchi University of Tokyo, Japan
Jae-Hyun Yang Inha University, Korea
Lixin Zhang Zhejiang University, China
Youjin Zhang Tsinghua University, China
Fangyang Zheng Ohio State University, USA
Jian Zhou Tsinghua University, China

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