The 9th Conference of Tsinghua Sanya Internationl Mathematics Forum--Langlands functoriality, L-functions and Trace formula, Dec.17-21, 2018

2018-12-17 ~ 2018-12-21 3367

Synopsis and Organizers


This workshop will focus on various aspects of automorphic forms and trace formula, with special emphasis on Langlands functoriality conjecture. The functoriality conjecture is one of the central problems in the Langlands program, it suggests a deep connection between automorphic forms on different reductive groups. Special cases such as functoriality between classical groups and general linear groups, can be given by the endoscopy theory. It involves the stabilization of the Arthur-Selberg trace formula, which in turn depends on the famous fundamental lemma. In order to prove the functoriality in more general cases, Langlands made the “Beyond Endoscopy” proposal. In this workshop, we will have master lectures given by James Arthur on Langlands' proposal, complemented by talks on other aspects of the Langlands program.






Tasho Kaletha

University of   Michigan

Bin Xu (徐斌) 

YMSC, Tsinghua   University


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