The 9th Conference of Tsinghua Sanya Internationl Mathematics Forum--Boundaries of topological groups, C*-algebras, symmetric spaces, and Lyapounov exponents, Dec.17-21, 2018

2018-12-17 ~ 2018-12-21 2678

Dates: 17-21 December 2018

There are several notions of an ideal boundary that can be attached to a locally compact group; one related to harmonic functions, another relating to the behavior of (group invariant) random walks on the group, and a third arising in the context of group actions with certain "proximality" properties.

Remarkably for semi-simple Lie groups these notions coincide. More recently an important connection with C*-algebras has been found.  They also play a role in questions of rigidity a-la Mostow Margulis, and also in formulating "qualitative" laws of large numbers for products of random matrices. These and other applications will be studied.






Hillel   Furstenberg

Hebrew   University in Jerusalem

Alex Furman

University of   Illinois at Chicago

Omer Tamuz

California   Institute of Technology


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