PT-Symmetry and Physics with Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians

2019-03-18 ~ 2019-03-22 5123

Synopsis and Organizers 

Dates: 18-22 March 2019

The rapid recent increase of interest in the role of non-hermitian Hamiltonians can be perceived as one of the most characteristic unifying tendencies in the development of physics during the last 20 years. The motivation for organizing this workshop is based on multiple expectations. One of the most important ones lies in the necessity of an interdisciplinary analysis of the currently existing crisis in the field which was caused by the emergence of a conflict between the brutally pragmatic approach to the usage of non-hermitian Hamiltonians by physicists (having a characteristic tendency of underestimating the dangers represented by several existing mathematical no-go theorems) and the truly disturbing slowness of the progress in the sufficiently rigorous and truly reliable formulations of the reality-reflecting formalism and models.

It is expected that the participants of the meeting will benefit from the simultaneous presentations of the state of the art in the stable-systems quantum physics (say, of a stationary and/or non-stationary-representation type, with multiple alternative phenomenological applications ranging from the atomic and nuclear systems to quantum chemistry), as well as in the open-system quantum physics (say, of a predominantly experiment-oriented, resonating system type), and in the non-quantum simulations of the quantum phenomena (with an extensive reliance upon the nanotechnologies in condensed-matter physics). One may also expect a transfer of the recent non-Hermitian-dynamics know-how to the classical dynamical systems (with particular emphasis upon the experimental classical Maxwell-equation optics), to the various exceptional-point-related qualitative characteristics of the unitary or non-unitary evolutions, etc.


Name University
Xianqing Li-Jost Max-Planck Institute
Miloslav Znojil Czech Academy of Science
Shao-Ming Fei Capital Normal University


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