Algebraic Representation Theory and Related Topics

2019-10-07 ~ 2019-10-11 1264

Dates: 7-11 October 2019

The representation theory of quivers and  finite dimensional algebras is one of the most fruitful parts of modern  representation theory. Important developments in the last few decades include  various homological dimensions, higher Auslander-Reiten theory, derived  categories and tilting/silting theory. Algebraic representation theory has led  to many interactions with other areas of mathematics, such as Lie theory (Lie  algebras and quantum groups via Hall algebras and quiver varieties), commutative  algebra (via support varieties), algebraic geometry (via quiver moduli and  stability conditions), topology (via braid groups and differential graded  algebras), and the theory of cluster algebras (additive and monoid  categorifications).

The main aim of this workshop is to bring  experts and researchers worldwide together to communicate new developments and  new directions on algebraic representation theory and related topics, as well as  to provide opportunities for young scholars and students from China to learn the  relevant subjects.


Name University
William Crawley-Boevey Bielefeld University / leeds university
Osamu Iyama Nagoya University
Henning Krause Bielefeld University
Steffen Oppermann Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Pierre-Guy Plamondon Universite Paris-Sud
Yu Qiu Tsinghua University
Yu Zhou Tsinghua University