Recent Advances in Extremal Combinatorics II

2020-05-18 ~ 2020-05-22 1016

Advances in Extremal Combinatorics”, held in May 22-26 2017 at TSIMF, which has influenced many researches and has been received great praise among attendees.
This workshop aims to bring the world-class top researchers as well as promising young combinatorialists to the frontiers of the research in this field, and to initiate new collaborations for the participants. A wide range of areas within extremal combinatorics, including Extremal Graph and Hypergraph Theory, Ramsey theory, structural questions on graphs with an extremal flavor, probabilistic questions on extremal combinatorics, and connections of extremal combinatorics to computer science and large network will be covered.


Tao Jiang (Miami),

Dhruv Mubayi (UIC),

Jie Ma (USTC),